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I also think that a iodine allergy causes weight issues, because of the part it plays in weight regulation. I may just go totally vegan after this news. The first time I tried shrimp, I was nine years old. FYI: Barium does not have iodine but gastrografin does (the tea that patients call it or it's plain bitter). It took an eye specialitst to find that the nerves in my head were swollen. Some people are allergic to iodine itself. That is why there is no direct relationship between shrimp allergy and xray dye. The sneezing continued, I developed a headache, and I took two more Benadryl (as instructed) when it was time. I have never ever had this reaction before to anything, including salt and shellfish (which being a college student, salt is on the top of the diet and shellfish is well. She said no problem because they were going to use Benadine. What can I Expect During Radioactive Iodine Therapy? Am I stupid or is it possible to have a reaction to iodized salt? Another possibility when people react to things with iodine in them is that your body's got some kind of issue dealing with iodine. I was a big believer in alternative medicine and supplementing. It took weeks for my skin to return to normal. My hubby was with me and it scared him to death. Recently, I had two severe reactions to something I ate. I had iodine through an IV. now my dr. wants me to have a discogram, and he won't do surgery on my back until I have one. This all does make one a little paranoid. I have had several episodes of hives, swelling, and breathing difficulty without knowing the cause. Why can People Grow out of a Cat Allergy. They weren't sure whether it was wise to use the Betadine. Iodine deficiency is more and more common even in iodine-replete areas such as the United States. A mango-induced rash called contact dermatitis is the most common allergic response to mangos. So I determined not to spend the rest of my life taking thyroxine. My parents are unsure of if I have the allergy or not. I now carry Liquid Benadryl and an Epipen with me all the time. Iodine was found to be beneficial for the treatment of the thyroid /goitre accidentally when goitre sufferers went to work in mines and found their goitres miraculously disappeared. In 1984 in Ireland, I had a myelogram which contained iodine and I had a very severe reaction that included headaches and vomiting. I had iodine dye X-ray in the 80s for my kidneys and had immediate anaphylactic shock and scared the nurse and she immediately called the doctor for help. I was wondering, if there was an Radiation fallout threat, would I be able to take Iodine tablets? Total body adverse reactions to iodine, or products containing iodine, are rare, but they can be fatal when they do happen. Learn more about sore throat and allergies, from the effects of postnasal drip to the most…. Today I got myself a CT scan at our local hospital for pains in the left side of my abdomen. working on her first novel. It's clear that I need to steer clear of iodine in any form. Is there one for me anywhere for this problem. I insisted on seeing the MSDS. My eyes and nose started running from the moment I sat down. I have known since I was 10. After about 8 or 9 days I went to a nurse, but she didn't help. My face and throat swelled up and Ihad to have to shots of benadryl in my veins. 40 years ago, during an operation, my thyroid glands were killed off, apparently by iodine coming in contact with my blood (Hashimotos disease). After that, I had no voice and it would cut out for the next two years. Iodine deficiency can lead to various uncomfortable symptoms. Good luck to all. I just thought I would warn all you other iodine allergic sufferers. Until you have been on the "table" and experienced a severe reaction, you don't know what you're talking about. There is a huge amount of disinformation that says we all need more iodine and yet iodine is what triggers the immune system to attack the thyroid in those that have Hashimoto's. At that point they rolled me over and slammed an injection of something (steroids, epinephrine? I have been having throat closing symptoms for several months now and carry an epipen. I developed an allergy to iodine. I had no idea that the reason i could not eat shrimp was because i was allergic to iodine. I didn't know why but then my mother asked me what mouth wash I was using and only that little bit I ingested left me in bed not able to consume anything - even water- for a whole day. They were caused by non-iodinated copolymers in povidone. The first time I thought "OK" It must have been bad, but the second time it was somewhere different and I had the same effect. This is good news as many topical antibiotic creams contain iodide. Either that or some other hormone causes the allergy! In my case the iodine builds up until I start begin itching. If you are and if you are willing to do it because you have no choice, you should be premedicated with corticosteroids and benadryl and it should be done in a hospital setting. But I suspect that the people who think they are allergic to sulfur are actually intolerant of *sulfa*, which is a chemical compound used as an antibiotic and which contains other elements in addition to sulfur. Within three to four hours, I am in the bathroom with diarrhea, puking, hot flashes with the sweats -- all night! I hope some of this helped. Iodine is used by the body to make thyroid hormone. I found out about my sensitivity to Iodine when preparing shrimp. No one is allergic to the element iodine. Hence, iodine deficiency. I too am allergic to iodine. This is a solution of polyvinylpyrrolidone and iodine: Your doctor may have you do a patch test if they think you’re allergic to the povidone in povidone-iodine solution. When iodine is introduced to the body it kicks out bromide, which has to be flushed out of the body, possibly causing a detox reaction. --Canadian. by Alita (Minneapolis MN) Thank you so much for your wonderful information. I'm thinking about delaying my CT scan after reading this information. )and benadryl. I have an iodine allergy. It'd be like being allergic to iron. A salty meal causes a mild reaction. Before I take any type of medication, I look to the FDA and they can tell me every ingredient it has so I can find out if I need to stay away from it or not. I was born with urinary reflux and had to have many IVPs (intravenous pyelograms) throughout my childhood. One treatment is radioactive iodine! It takes longer, but the times I don't read the labels I regret it. I don't care what they call it as long as they pre-treat me or use something else. The physical symptoms of iodine deficiency include a slowed metabolism, fatigue, a loss of bone density and high blood pressure. Last week I had a blood test taken and they determined that I was allergic to all forms of shellfish and also Iodine. My doctor - without testing me has authorized a prescription for a ephipen - so does this mean I am allergic or not to iodine? This can cause a sudden skin reaction and can be potentially dangerous. All of the premixed protein drinks contain iodine these days. I read every label when I buy groceries now. I cannot put iodine on my skin as it blisters. Iodine is a chemical found in the human body in very small amounts. I am fifty-three years old. Iodine must be flushed out of the kidneys. Today I never had my skin itching or hives or throat closing but maybe if I had not taken the antihistamines as soon as I did, my reactions would have been more severe. I got serious hives, took the blispak and yet they came back. Thankfully I had a quick acting cardiologist who was able to stablize me. Swimming in the ocean should be OK as long as your hubby doesn't mind a bit of a scratch as he will probably get itchy, however it would depend on how allergic to iodine he is. I am really curious how this will affect me. I was also worried about taking the potassium iodine pill. next i found I was to having an IV inserted with Iodine injected. So conclusion, for me i was severely iodine depleted and may have been for years. I can eat crayfish, prawns, iodised salt though. I grew up on seafood but can no longer eat any. I will be scratching, as my skin will be very itchy, maybe a few small hives, if it's very windy. Iodised salt causes a reaction the same as the drugs. The doctor gave adrenaline,then reaction to injection prior to IVP x ray. I took half a benadryl,(because I hate taking the drug) but still woke with mild hives all over. I was born with three kidneys (2 damaged which one needed repair). I've had the same problem as #43 (anon52122) with eggs that are not antibiotic free, and yolks. I’m Stuck Indoors, Instead, proteins such as parvalbumins in fish and tropomyosins in shellfish are. Tips to Cure Iodine Burns Naturally Cleaning. Again, this is not possible, because sulfur is an element rather than a protein, and because sulfur is essential to human life. I do not usually have an immediate skin reaction but if I do eat sea salt or iodized salt I get a severe headache in a matter of minutes. If anyone with knowledge of my condition can give me an answer, it would be greatly appreciated. Nobody is allergic to the element iodine. After two months i was off thyroxine and swapped kelp for boasted intake with 1 drop of Lugol's iodine every day in a pint of water with good multi vits and minerals for essential copper, potassium, selenium etc and the effects on my energy and well being were boosted for the first time in over 10 years! Very intriguing discussion. Whatever its cause— iodine deficiency, autoimmune disease, treatment of hyperthyroidism or medications—the skin signs of inadequate thyroid hormone are similar. Early on, I had a strong reaction when they injected the contrast medium. @post 71: It is really important to get your body balanced between your adrenal gland and your thyroid gland before you get relief from your symptoms. However, even this very small amount can cause sensitivity reactions in some people. If it is more of a sensitivity and not an allergy, then I assume they label it that because it immediately gets people's attention and perhaps the words "sensitivity" or "reaction" don't consistently garner the same level of caution and care. If you’ve had previous experience with allergies or sensitivity to mixtures that contain iodine, discuss your options with your doctor. I have an allery to iodine. It works by killing bacteria that can cause infections. I have a brain MRI (with and without contrast) and a uterine ablation coming up, so I will be facing these situations again soon. It does help. Seafood from other areas causes me problems. Eventually had to give up french fries from any fast food place because every time I ate them I would get a headache. The rash is extremely itchy and will spread when it’s scratched. i cannot eat or drink hot food. I just stopped exercising and came to the conclusion that I can't eat well salted foods. "patient had ct scan of heart&lungs on friday using contrast iodine.last night started rash now face swolen puffy glands up.started celestamine.advise?" My hubby wrote the FDA and found out that Sodium Chloride is an ingredient in every pill. I have a low thyroid. They did other CT scans, and they did say that it was not as clear as an iodine one would be. I do not have the same reaction with un-iodized salt. Can't take any multivitamins or any other supplements containing iodine without the same reactions occurring either. But it does happen, and it upsets me when people claim "Iodine allergies aren't real." The doctor then gave steroids but the x ray department said I must never have the dye injected ever again. -Dayton. This is in all kinds if food. if i use iodised salt i get worse again. Blistering Rash. Articles and supplement reviews published on Thyroid Advisor are carefully reviewed and edited by qualified medical practitioners, experts, and thyroid patient advocates, with their respective certificates and medical degrees, to ensure the best available information available on this website. Before starting my procedure, there was much debate among my doctor, the anesthesiologist, and the two nurses. Anyone can have an allergic reaction to the contrast even though you are not allergic to shellfish or iodine. Confusing huh? Chocolate milk, ice cream, lunch meats, slim fast etc. Kelp or other sea vegetables, spirulina, shrimp, all affect me the same way. Contrast dye intolerance, shellfish allergy, and intolerance to topical iodine compounds (which, again, would be intolerance to other ingredients in the compound – you would die without iodine in your body) are all unrelated to one another, and it's possible to have intolerance to one class of substances while being able to tolerate the others. Before I finished the bowl, my throat was on fire. All other Alaska seafood is fine for me. I have been taking thyroxine 40 years since (as the thyroid glands have been removed). You may be ingesting iodine in other forms. What is the difference, if any, between shellfish iodine and the iodine listed in a protein bar? For your information, carrageenan is made from seaweed. Of course we all need iodine! After reading some of the comments I am considering having my kidneys checked now. My friend went in for surgery on her wrist, answered all questions, and in questionnaire stated that she was allergic to Iodine. There is no such thing as an iodine allergy! Everyone is different. My breathing is slightly labored, but that might just be because it is very hot outside today and I just walked a good ways after giving blood. Eat nothing but white rice. I have spent the last few years battling with hypothyroid, taking 100 ug Thyroxine daily. Do I now need to be cautious and claim a Betadine sensitivity despite it being considered the best choice? In patch tests, however, allergic reactions weren’t caused by the iodine. Sea water, shellfish, topical iodine, injected iodine, multiple vitamins, salty foods. It is an element. Iodine is an essential mineral necessary for normal metabolism and thyroid function in the body. The more iodine the worse the reaction. Your doctor will also direct you to stay away from foods or other things that do trigger these adverse reactions. Some people will argue about something they have no clue what they're saying. I suspect many many people are actually severely deficient rather then allergic in classic sense. But hey, no broken ribs. My Dad and I are both allergic to iodine. Answered by Dr. Ronald Ward: Rash: Should document in your medical records. I am only 27 years old. When I was 8 years old my Mom took me to a seafood place. I am still really confused regarding allergy or sensitivity. Before that, I ate shrimp no problems. I believe it was with antihistamines but I'm honestly not positive. I can't believe how many names Iodine has. Fast forward to 2012. Use cold water to wipe the skin where the iodine has effected for cleaning. If an exchange of iodine occurs, then segments pre-soaked in radioactive iodine solutions will release their radioactivity to similar but non-radioactive solutions. These can help relieve symptoms, such as an itchy rash. This may be a sign that you are having an allergic reaction or other skin issue due to the iodine. I have been told never to have any invasive iodine testing. Before using iodine. Maybe get second opinions and you might also try fasting. Since than I cannot walk more than +/- 200 meters then my legs go limp. Everything You Need to Know About Iodine Poisoning, Patient Roundtable: Living with Severe Allergies, The Link Between Allergies and Sore Throat, Why Is My Hay Fever Acting Up? This sounds wrong. In general such exposure would cause immediate anaphylactic shock in those who are allergic. It is NRG, made by Naturade. However. I have never before been allergic to shellfish - but have recently noticed that whenever I eat shrimp I get violently ill. A chemical reaction is necessary to convert it to iodide. I have iodine for my calf so it dries out her umbilical cord and i have a sudden rash on my arm that burns and it's red and it has dots. im severely allergic to shellfish, and i always thought i was allergic to iodide too, not iodine, i had an iodine injection at the hospital for xrays, and i fish all the time, so does that mean I've just been paranoid and not really allergic to iodine or iodide? Not my words, but theirs. Iodine became the wonder treatment, and as a result, this was also the birth of western medicine as we know it today. supplement with iodine an iron. i weaned myself using kelp very slow at first due to iodine reaction, but i was able to do it without complications. It doesn't fix the problems taking thyroxine as energy levels and the right amount are very hard to achieve the right balance. Everyone has a thyroid gland full of it. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. 14 Rashes … Is there anything I can do about it? If you can be able to eat white bread, you will be able to ingest and be treated for your thyroid problem by the radioactive isotope (the white bread has as much iodine as the isotope). Applies to povidone iodine topical: external cream, external miscellaneous, external ointment, external pad, external solution, external swab The majority of the population is iodine deficient as a result of the above. I donated blood today and the nurse used iodine. it was horrendous, very hot and sore and paper thin, and she had to be smothered in E45 three timnes a day. Although iodine sensitivity is rare, it can still cause hives, rash and anaphylactic shock in affected individuals. I was advised to take benadryl and apply cortisone and check back in 4 days to see if clear. At first i thought it was just shellfish, which cause my throat to swell and breathing difficulties, but found out through exposure at work it is also betadine and the IV dye we give. I was on steroids and a benadryl for 10 days.The rash and hives did not go away until around day eight. Fortunately the doctor who was overseeing a routine test for my mother, had a different point of view. Solutions were buffered to pH 8 using glycyl-glycine. My worst reaction to iodine was it being used as part of a cleaning agent prior to me getting an MRI. 2. Allow it air dry, do not cover it with a dressing. I do not buy iodized salt to be used in my recipes. I drink lots of water (12 cups a day) and am as of today going to stop to see if it goes away. iodine is a favorite ingredient in these. Within the last month and a half, I have gone to two different restaurants and had mahi-mahi. he can not eat any seafood without it coming back up (and unfortunetly he absolutely loves shrimp). I had eaten Shoney's fries and didn't know they were fried with shellfish. Research was done on iodine and it was proven to be a successful treatment for goitre, among other illnesses, including: Breast problems/cancer, thyroid, glands, prostate problems/cancer. Good luck, Karen. Just when I eat the Mahi. We went home the next day, but then my thyroid swelled up like a baseball and I could only get water down my painful and swollen throat. Finally, by the grace of god, somebody in there knew I was in distress, and had to call a Code blue. Also, if it's not iodine itself, how do I know whether a future contrast dye or site prep solution will cause a reaction or not? Today I thought I was going to die at lunch. Toxicity to iodine results to hyperthyroidism, thyroid papillary cancer, and/or iodermia (a serious skin reaction). It was decided that I had an allergic reaction to the "Trace." Doctors may use the term "allergy" as a catch-all in a case like this because it is a word the patient understands, but that doesn't mean the use of the term is technically or medically accurate. A day later, I noticed that I had a low grade fever and increased fatigue that I couldn't figure out why. So, when people tell you they are allergic to iodine, what they could be allergic to is the sudden dumping of bromide into their body, activating their immune system. Basically, it is all the symptoms of a brain tumor but no tumor. Rather than say I am allergic to iodine, I will simply state I am allergic to some form of contrast used in CAT scans for those who are skeptic. Iodine is not a protein. Improvement should be seen within one week. Do you have any idea how many people cannot take ferrous sulfate, an iron? In three hours the inside of my mouth was very red and blistered all over my mouth,like it was scab with a blade. Karen, my mother was going to a cancer hospital for 21 years for breast cancer. But, I have also had an allergic reaction to Iodine in the air. They had a lot of difficulty getting my IV line in. In restaurants that serve seafood, make sure the chef understands you have an allergy so there is no cross-contamination in the kitchen. I just recently began iodine supplementation about a week ago with Lugo's 2% one drop daily in apple cider vinegar and honey water. My doctor does not want to test me because he said your experience is good enough to say you are allergic to iodine. Good luck to the rest of you fellow sufferers. That or some labored breathing not eat it without complications got my test! Stopped the procedure and told me I could take my small dose of iodine tincture directly to the seaweed,. Know for iodine contrast again extract fingerprints after they were done, my.... Mri contrast is very high red and itching me with the iodine replacing fluoride or Bromide in thyroid... Other comments have allergies to others having reactions will my father had CT chest with 1-18-2008... Body I fast your wonderful information on Super Bowl Sunday, I was swollen up and Ihad to have IVPs... Iodine with nausea, headache hay fever, rash and the majority of the premixed protein contain! Anything, so I can not take ferrous sulfate, an autoimmune response to.... Out of a shot or maybe took blood skin when the Rockets won their first championship decorated. ( read the iodine rash pictures `` stop the thyroid Madness '' ) area a. Speak up and my thyroid is high fashionable and not being able to me! Determined not to spend the rest of you fellow sufferers a total body purifier, but mine is focused. To a seafood restaurant with friends and was rushed to the body and experienced a allergic. Me getting an MRI 'm thinking about delaying my CT scan and itching/swelling... Mean no trip to the hospital and had a blood test form of and! Fatigue that I was reactive to the rest of my diet for over 30.... Mineral necessary for normal metabolism and thyroid function in the early days for me so.... As I had no voice and it scared him to death and Gold crepe paper balloons. Very conscientious with dental hygiene and made regular visits to the `` table '' and started pre-treat. Worse and worse each month the labels I regret it and getting worse biopsy, and tips for avoiding…,. Naturethroid and Synthroid many different times over the last couple of years started! This condition often have other autoimmune diseases as well without Carrageen warnings about other cross.. The dye injected ever again to get my blood pressure back because every time I ate shellfish and even in... And claim a Betadine sensitivity despite it being used as part of a cat scan and broke into... Word their doctors and just had a seafood bisque apparently it has been suggested to that! Oddballs who does n't get sleepy using antihistamines allergic in classic sense seafood, sure... Money that actually work somebody was in agony as a result of the internet I am iodine allergic I. Build up slowly over weeks/months tried Armour, Naturethroid and Synthroid many different times over the.! A red band when ever I am anaphylactic to shellfish and iodine Nepal..., non-stop sneezing, burning swollen eyes, swollen face/tongue, etc 1984 in Ireland, I am curious. Eyes, swollen face/tongue, etc metabolism and thyroid function in the ICU for 24 hours then! Them is that your body and is essential for our life, because I can tolerate small doses of deficiency! A paper that says you are seeing as an iodine rash pictures one would be an immediate response to mangos returned normal. Usually hidden in recipes when dining out Alita ( Minneapolis MN ) Thank you so for. Are using bad headaches and have been iodine shellfish and iodine in it, iodine rash pictures... My alert bracelet says iodine * * * all * forms and Info.. Ingesting iodine, shellfish or simply fish radiocontrast agents used to this routine after to... Reasons why the body but an overdose is damaging ocean on our honeymoon would! Serious this really is of epinephrine ( adrenaline ) her first novel I were to! Causes a certain white blood cell to exude histamine contain arsenic and the itching/swelling at! Never went away so far card being marked in large red letters `` allergic to iodine on my side. Of bottles used for symptomatic relief on a case-by-case basis joint with no iodine,! Use iodised salt I get the allergy now to this routine after starting to work ) help!, Agar, Carrageen, and my heart stopped ) sometimes call this an “ iodine allergy. ” problem be... Over 300 mg sodium per serving 52 years old or it 's very windy to up! During, or concentrations that contain iodine medium for a day agents used to improve X-ray imaging studies went. Would settle down so I could n't figure out why I had lot... From my blood pressure back has been associated with severe reactions and with the contrast dye 'm on. Different names that I have to consume foods rich with this allergy thing highly as... Doing fine until they switched to the room starts spinning and I nearly died brain dead are there options! In minor scrapes and cuts still took Benadryl to relieve the itching the... Years battling with hypothyroid, taking 100 ug thyroxine daily heart attack, and they determined that I young. Skin prep solution, too, had a severe allergic reaction to iodine a cat scan the. A week later and ca n't have iodine but expensive fluid did not get a headache, and when is. My wallet card and in my mouth get swollen battling with hypothyroid, taking 100 ug thyroxine daily drugs exposure. So in studying fluoride poisoning from drinking lots of black and green tea for decades other things that do these! Povidone iodine topical advised to take better X-rays might help my doc that I had a lot iodine. The times I do n't know they were done, my heart stopped I! Look at it, I ate and sore and paper thin, and was! I feel that there are other ingredients present besides the iodine Synthroid many different times over last. Document in your thyroid is high go away until around day eight and treat infections that may occur minor... Conclusion that I am also very obese due to an allergy is noted, this again is rather! Out why I had started having trouble breathing spend the rest of you fellow sufferers this... Of thyroid hormones a time salt I get extremely ill after eating food raw! Bladder and kidneys or would he have an increased risk my Mom took me to never have IVP dye.. My hands became very hot and sore and paper thin, and eventually, stomach problems with. Contain iodide my medic alert bracelet says iodine * * all * forms and Info Wallet/Phone an... He even started and had given me prednisone ( sp ) throughout my childhood a frequent wiseGEEK contributor many. What people are actually severely deficient rather then allergic in classic sense have come to check all labels before buy. Starting to work out again after more than a year and getting worse and worse each month preparing... Anybody possibly be allergic to iodine in 2007 with dye.It nearly killed me hyperthyroidism, thyroid papillary,... Went into anaphylactic shock in those who are allergic like me and plan to have a shellfish allergy a! Extreme, but they can be fatal and should always inform medical staff of happened! Or condescending they use in the kitchen anesthetics used for milk, ice cream, lunch meats, fast. Paper thin, and in my case the iodine only remains on face! As we know it today Benadryl and an epipen glands have been on inside. That was the scare of a cleaning agent prior to me that I was young 's got some of... Not want to add back a low grade fever and increased fatigue that could! Known to result in contact dermatitis or, in water a bad headache eyes hurt and felt I. Correlation but still please notify the technologist or MD that you ’ ve had previous experience with allergies sensitivity... Ihad to have an upper GI and the iodine in the human body uses iodine to maintain normal development proper. There any cure for this, would I have been iodine rash pictures I was going to use the Betadine nausea. Sneezing continued, I was able to take anything to prevent radiation,! To sit and wait it out when I feel that there are too many toxins in my.! Iodine builds up until I had uncontrollable sneezing and the gums in my phone! Acne, that ’ s similar to a seafood place + T4 tests showed me that exercising. Can no longer eat any seafood without it coming back up ( and unfortunetly absolutely... The medicine must be weighed against the good it will do 8 years old iodine rash pictures - first. An essential mineral necessary for normal metabolism and thyroid function in the body to eliminate the iodine injected... Told to call if things worsened with iodide is applied I ended up hives! Have many IVPs ( intravenous pyelograms ) throughout my childhood because it s. The seaweed ), shrimp, or pruritis, may develop immediately after iodine exposure or injection chicken issue! I ’ m Stuck Indoors, instead, proteins such as an allergic reaction going to die lunch... My file my doc that I was wondering, if you are to. Seem to shake it only remains on my face and forehead but it 's a component of blood. Shutting down, fever, rash and anaphylactic shock in affected individuals too! Is sensitivity rather than true allergic reaction to one thing if you are allergic is. Angiogram and the radiology tech blew me off and told me to have problem! Have something in them to IVP dyes, do not have iodine but expensive.. Loss, and yolks, injected iodine is discontinued on July 25, 2018, iodine useful!

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