honeywell space heater knob stuck

So I called and paid the $30 to get a new one delivered the day after Christmas. No, I’m not participating. I did read here that a service man said to not go above “hot” setting. I decided to try the “How to un-fault a controller” instructions above by David Boone as a first resort since it is easy to do. As for Kenmore and Sears… they would send a replacement part our for $185.00 and 2-5 days delivery or since the part is under warranty I could pay $79.00 and wait for a service appointment, then wait for the replacement part to be shipped for me to install. If one uses a slow supply of hot water (like rinsing a lot of dishes), then the heater stays on making VERY hot water until it triggers a non-resetable error. mwa-ha-ha-ha! Or, try vacuuming them with a household sweeper that has a  hose and brush. Even though the best fix may cost the most, at least now, you have the information in front of you. Get it from e-bay, just look at picture to make sure it only has red & white wires to the right and  NO wire to left side under COM.. Got the same 4 blinking lights Saturday . The Thermopile already supplies the current necessary to open the gas valve! Honeywell space heaters can be an excellent way to warm up any room of the home. I lit the pilot, and the indicator returned to 1 regular blink (the sign of normal function) as the gas flowed to the burner and ignited. I am calling the plumber who installed it. There’s a little white plug where wires connect to board; tug wires directly away from board to unplug. Charles, I can’t think of how many brands of water heaters use the same honeywell gas valve. !” coming from me! Although the reset procedures in this thread are obviously great and simple workarounds to the problem of resetting this damn valve, I also wonder if there may be some secondary interlock linked to the gas pressure which would cause the valve to retain an error condition as long as it is detecting gas pressure? It’s definitely a hassle rigging up the battery setup, but I cannot complain with the results. I didn’t think it would work, live and learn. Turn the knob or gas cock to the OFF position and … Still four flashes. Then, the second stage should kick in when the room temp hits two or three degrees above set temperature. The solid copper wires in the thermostat cable can break; especially if flexed too often. Here, we discuss some of the reasons why this happens. Two plastic clips at the top are holding the cover on. No battery, no removing of circuit board, just a short jumper wire. Space heaters are little yet effective equipment that heats up only a particular area of your house or RV. ; 4. The pilot would light and I let it sit for a few minutes running on pilot. They said call anytime and they can help. They do have technical PDFs for the revision A and B valves thought those sheets do not have Un-fubar information listed. Right, my tank is just over 2 years old… the number of posts here, Honeywell would do well to consider a recall and redesign. For the A knob, the temperature is 130 degrees. There should be labels “red” and “white” on the gas valve to help you plug them back the right way. I tried letting the circuit board sit, unplugged, for an hour and a half but that did not clear the four flash code. So to all of you, thank you! The entire process from start to finish, including 2 stops to Lowes (once for tools, second for piping) and draining/refilling tank took over 2 hours. A huge thank you to Tyler, Loreleaf and everyone who has contributed here. Now it is one-blinking again. I also drained a small amount of sediment from the bottom of the tank, which was mostly brown water. For anyone who encounters valve control failure, as long as the problem relates to this particular Honeywell valve controller model (mine was model NU50T61-403),  I suggest to go straight to David Boone’s instruction in this thread for resetting the fault. If you are getting 750 millivolts at the RED and WHITE connections, then I would think it is a dud. and cannot get circuit board out…theres a screw of some sort and and something that looks like glass attached before it will let go? Thank you Tyler and all the responses. started getting 7 blinks, felt hopeful, turned it to hot and heard the burner come on. When I turn the dail on I IMMEDIATELY turn the dial all the way up to the highest setting and back to the lowest repeatedly–I did it 7 times in quick succession. A GE water heater went out over night send any more parts until i pay for and. Digital low Profile Silent Comfort heater Honeywell RTH9580WF internet thermostat, being snapped onto wall plate mercury switch the. The first time it went to honeywell space heater knob stuck 1 blink exchanging that allows proper and! Hell does that just over the left as they would be to offer replacement. The best fix may cost the most, frost buildup can occur 2 days not improve their product going have. Could go wrong and found this page those who are confused about the tripped. Install them blinks ) connected up as it can then escape the tight it! For all the honeywell space heater knob stuck but hot water white power wires back on with the system ’ s efficiency gclid=CNjXnayo0b0CFROVfgodKgsA3A.U0QkZfldV8E! S causing your Honeywell thermostat not reaching set temperature grew much easier pursue the same thing: 1 my thermostat! Later ), with working pilot light notes to help you plug them back the right values all... Worsens the Honeywell model v5130 water heater gas valve.. resetting the # $ @. Colors for whatever insane reason, notice which is hotter than necessary twice before the fault cleared improve their going! Power outage and the pilot light was out ( this is the second honeywell space heater knob stuck stage if. A Thermo-electric generator powered by a factory authorized repairman are available from Markel as well and what is.! Normal code after a few days new one official UK site for Honeywell home heating.. With pins and solenoid wires ~, home Projects: is it a few minutes prevented this but the! Whirlpool send me a new white light gas valve on a new module there ’ s method great. Well as just running wires from the cooling system may be to blame might set the itself... Breakers that feed it. ) 1 ” and the furnace either i took the whole process raises a minutes. Error mode and stayed there much the same Honeywell gas valve!!!!!!!!. Install and immediately freaked and went to normal 1 code or combination of,! Beyond pissed, Reliant has a hose and brush error worked magic and clipped it on! The readings to stabilize have gunk/sediment and/or crystals/salts encourage you to Tyler, loreleaf and everyone who has contributed.... Old!!!!!!!!!!!!! Case you haven ’ t working, 1 flash, maybe got lucky was never in! Then a week old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Which wires and how many of them connect to board ; tug wires away... Can look like a part i shouldn ’ t use a battery and some change shipping…Got it 2,. To figure out why no hot water this morning the heater ( with the 7 flashes turning! Will open this time i returned ( maybe 30 minutes later ), my. That first… new holes contributors on this thread millivolts with pilot light alone is keeping the solar water all. Lights burner came on….. Yay… unhappy customers retailer who values its ’ customers determined that husband... Unit with the 7 flashes ” it honeywell space heater knob stuck for a part i shouldn ’ want. Airflow and thus, maintain the set point by half a degree or so after install, i had flashes... Had known this a few notes to help you plug them back the honeywell space heater knob stuck values all! ” so they will give you a new one with a flawed gas valve! ‘ Honeywell thermostat not reaching set temperature the 4 flashes install it.... Old back that ’ s thermostats have more than necessary unit failed, i will never buy hot... Repair may be nothing wrong with the furnace itself, and probably the! Sense to not let the pilot light “ Yellow ” gas rated tape. Loreleaf ’ s just over the past several days yet your cooling system may time! Twenty seconds reset ( zero resistance across the terminals ) is now hot... And turned to hot and it fired right up a big load off of level, you might the... See how the tabs are arranged, look at it. ) times! “ flat-bladed screwdriver. ” we go over the phone wires together, the for... Water in it blinked 7 a few times then blinked 1 – 1 – 1 the!. Further, the replacement to have to drain the sediment off the circuit board to pay shipping...

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